Passing Through/Not Moving


Corrado de Grazia - Exposition personnelle
du 12 au 18 décembre 2014

Galerie Metanoïa, 56, rue Quincapoix 75004
Parist. +33 (0)1 42 65 23 83

Directeur de la galerie : Marc Higonnet

"Passing through/not moving" (in several places of the same place), personal exhibition realised utilizing analog photographic technique and large size film.

Images in the space between appearances, in the relation between form and matter, in the variation of electromagnetic waves.
Our position in a given space is related to the atomic structure of our bodies. A man presence in the same space that he can indentify as stable in a precise moment is not anymore recognisable as stable the very next moment. This happens because when the matter which makes explicit our apparent form exists already in another determined space.
If the electromagnetic waves prior to the mechanical capture are re-modulated on frequency leaps and brought back to the simulacrum of a unique image ("Le simulacre n'est jamais ce qui cache la vérité, c'est la vérité qui cache qu'il n'y a en a pas. Le simulacre est vrai", Jean Baudrillard, Simulacres et Simulations, Galilèe, Paris,1981), in an instrumental lecture of this repositioning of matter (that can be done tentatively maintaining the same parameters in forces emission), it will be only our action as a mistake, our formal imperfection, that will produce a different datum of knowledge and the possibility of the restitution of an 'aura'.
Therefore images of the unpredictability of our intervention. Therefore images about the desire to intervent and act. That desire which has the aim of observing without the need of understanding, in the irreversibility of an implosive space that push us near and far from the conscience- of- self, in the challenge of living each and unique moment which has already stopped being, now.