Photo studio for the art’s catalog
The photographic studio Corrado De Grazia from 1987 offers professional services for art, with a mobile studio for the reproduction of works of art: shooting analog film format color photos to cm10x12 (4'x5 '), shooting in black and white negative film, shooting in DNG digital negative, high-resolution scans digital color photographs and negatives for archives and art catalogs, print service analog and digital black and white and color, with the optimization of the file to use typographic to the design and execution of mock-ups and installations for art catalogs, posters, office printing, websites.

Corrado De Grazia had been working in commercial, industrial, architectural and pubblicity’s area until he began to direct his job esclusively towards Art photography area.
Since 1987 he is Rome Quadriennale’s photographer; for them he takes care of the restauration and conservation and digitalization of the photographical archives and the documentation about many exhibitions catalogues, as “Duilio Cambellotti”, for the inauguration of the new seat of the MACRO, 1999, and the publication of the “Inventario dell’Archivio della Quadriennale”, 2000, or, “Enpals, Storie da una collezione d’arte’, 2011.

In addition, for the Fondo Pier Paolo Pasolini of Rome, directed by Laura Betti,, he has taken care about the restaurations and the conservations of the photographical archives and the catalogues for all the enterprises in Italy and abroad for more than fifteen years. Nowadays ,he collaborates with the Cineteca di Bologna, where those archives has been transferred.
Moreover, he works for Sotheby’s, for them he has done many catalogue’s of ancient, modern, and contemporary art.
Since 1990 he has curated the photographics reproductions and the catalogues for the Gallery Valentina Moncada, Rome. Since 1995 he curated the photographics reproductions and the catalogues for the Gallery Il Gabbiano, Rome-New York.
With Pietro Amato, produced “Recent restauration: The Vatican Papillon”, 2004, a scientific catalogue of historic cabs and motor-vehicles preserved at the Musei Vaticani .
In 2005, 2006, 2007 he joined as a teacher of Photographic technics for the scientific art’s catalogue the project “Museo en Obras”, directed by Pietro Amato and organised by Istituto Italo-Latino Americano and Foreign Office of Rome. A project realised in Asuncion, Paraguay, with theorical seminars at Universidad Catolica and workshops at Museo Bogarin, He taught photographical art at Roman Castles inside the project done by the U.E.(law n°285).
Furthermore, with Domenico Guzzi he has worked for the catalogues “Sogno della realtà”, 1999, “Immagine d’Impegno”, 1999, “Vespignani”, 2002, “Guttuso”, 2004, and so on.
With Renato Miracco, “Sartorio” for the Camera dei Deputati, , Burri, Fontana, Manzoni – Tate Modern, London 2004.
In 2013 he oversaw the restoration and digitization of images of the photographic book 'Veruschka Unseen' ed.Rizzoli International.
In 2013 he carried out for the Volos gallery of Rome, the monographic catalog 'Achille Perilli. From its origins, color as structure ', for which he designed the photographs and editorial design.

He realised also exhibitions on his own:
2004 “Fotografare Oltre” (Shooting Over), curated by Pietro Amato with a critical essay by Domenico Guzzi, in Caldarola, (Mc).
2012 “Tagli / variazioni” (Cuts/variations), curated by Studio Urbana, Roma.
2014 “Passing Through/Not Moving”, Galerie Metanoia, Paris.
2015 “Passing Through/Not Moving”, Studio Urbana Roma.
2016 “Bloc - Notes, (mon semblable, mon frère)”, visul essay on Walter Benjamin, art installation and video, Casa della Memoria e della Storia e Sala Santa Rita, january april 2016, Roma Capitale - Biblioteche di Roma, curated by Studio Urbana, collaboration with Zètema.

Collective expositions:
2010. “Accessibile Art Photography” curated by M. Von Buren, Roma.
2010. “Biennale d’Arte di Fiastra” curated by G. Prosperi, 2010.
2016,”Paradox. Inaudite Sincronie” curated by Simona Cirelli & Maria Azahara Hernando Ibàñez, Paratissima, Torino Esposizioni, november 2016.